WAS help

I have got most of my system installed now and im trying to get my WAS working. It is installed into the kingpin

And i am now experiencing a problem where in the software the angle is not reporting correctly at all between the two images i turned the steering wheel about 1/5 turn to the left

It wont let me zero it as it says the angle is too large so i do not know what i have done wrong.

Thanks for any help


You can’t zero so many degree.
Adjust your counts per degree.
AND set WAS close to zero manually (with wheels straight) before trying to zero in the AOG program.

It appears that your WAS is of the type that starts over when you rotate past it’s limit, and it’s installed in such a way that normal steering takes it past it’s limit.

You’re going to have to disassemble that and reassemble it so that the WAS reads close to zero when the wheels are pointing straight ahead.

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Might barking up the wrong tree and youve had some very useful comments so far but i had similar. It turned out that jlcpcb didn’t fit the small ads1115 onto the pcb so i fitted one ads115 myself and i got a very large steer angle. Turns out i also needed to fit a resistor aswell which then cured my problem

Yes i have taken a look and it seems this is my current issue, the flat side on the sensor shaft needs to be facing the other way so i will have to install it the other way around, i will reinstall it and see if that works.

Many thanks

180 degree will make no difference.(except having to invert WAS)
Check how it work in AOG before mounting WAS on tractor

Re installing the sensor flipped worked, i found some instructions online and i had installed it so it was outside if the sensing range, thank you for your help. I had to fiddle with it a little in the software but it seems to be working perfectly now thank you all for your help.