What all I'm using and my problems

I am installing on a Steiger 9180. I am using electric valves with the IBT2 along with the PCB V2. Wheel angle sensor from a Cadillac. RCA laptop/tablet from amazon. Emlid Reach M+. I do not have an MMA, DOG2, or BNO.

my problems are that I can’t seem to get wheel angle reading and it keeps pinning (Which I’m fairly certain is because of the issue with WAS)

I’ve tested my WAS and its giving an output and its not my ADS because I’ve switched out my ADS with a new one and it still doesn’t work.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here’s a small ino sketch to check the WAS. Upload it to your arduino and view the serial output monitor. It will show the counts coming through each pin on the ADS. It only works in the single ended mode. It is in the folder WASchecker.


Both files in that folder are used.