What cpu speed is required?9

I’m looking at getting a toughbook to start off my OAG system.

I’ve found one on ebay, but the cpu is only an Intel 847, 1.1ghz.

Is that going to cope with oag, running rtk, autosteer or section control?

I have a Panasonic Toughbook with the CPU you mentioned. For me it is ok. I have no section control but I think it should also work with section control.

I have used a MK3 with ssd 4GB RAM and Windows 10 => 100-150 updaterate indikated by AOG, working ok. Now I am using a CF19 MK5, i5 CPU 2,5ghz, 8GB RAM, ssd, win10 => 10 indikated. Much better to use and nearly the price range now. Driver Update to Win10 was more complicated in MK5, still not perfekt, but all necessary done.