Where to order simpleRTK2B?

Where has everyone ordered their simpleRTK2B from? Direct from ardusimple or from Mauser? Mauser looks to be about $100 more cdn including shipping. Is duty payable that much directly from ardusimple?

I’m not sure about Canada, but I was hit with over £60 (GBP) import duties when I imported the last RTK2b board direct from Ardusimple.

I doubt Canada has import duties for this kind of products from the EU. They would add local VAT but Ardusimple would sell them at VAT 0%.


About $280US

I just ordered the Rtk2B starter kit from Ardusimple. The shipping was 17.50€ and then DHL billed me $14.54 GST and $18.38 customs clearance charges. This was going to Alberta.

EDIT: I ordered it a week ago. It hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t guarantee some other fee won’t pop up but that’s what I know now. The DHL bill came about a day after I ordered it.

I ordered many times from Ardusimple to Canada. Custom clearing charges will be about 17 CAD plus the 5% GST.

In my case it’s Canada Post that delivers, no DHL route here.

Thanks for the replys guys! I’m gonna go directly with ardusimple then. From what I’m seeing, there shouldn’t be any duty on electronics so should be good.