Wifi router?

Hi, what sort of router do you use to connect all esp32 (dual antenne, section control…)?

  • tablet with Access Point ?
  • traveling wifi router like GL-MT300N-V2 ?

Actualy i’m testing raspberry with raspap but not sure if it’s a good Idea.

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Hello Damien,

In my case I’ve just configured my Rpi zero W (on top of cab which runs rtkrcv) as an AP
and all peripherals devices connect on it as STA. (Fixed IP)
Tablet, IMU Autosteer, Machine
Here is the network :


Thanks for reply François, I ve got few questions for you :

  • how do you do to share your mobile internet connection by bluetooth with the raspberry ? I already try but non success. Have you got the minimal version or desktop raspbian ?
  • how do you turn it on and off ? Hard power off ? (maybe bad). Or you send a shutdown command by ssh ?
  • is it still working good and stable after few year (no sd problem) ?

For bt sharing : I work with rpi zero w strech9 and only ssh monitoring (wifi AP)
Replace the package bluez by bluetoothctl
Add bt-pan and check-and-connect-bt-pan.sh
Edit check-and-connect-bt-pan.sh and add bt mac address of phone

To find bt mac address execute bluetoothctl (sudo) then list

For automatic startup :
Add in crontab (sudo contab -e):

          • sudo /home/pi/bin/check-and-connect-bt-pan.sh
          • sudo dhclient bnep0

For control
ifconfig and you must see your bt network

Pairing to mobile is completely automatic, switch on rpi (accessory of tractor),
enable bt sharing on mobile and go … just when not paired it’s sometimes difficult
to connect through wifi (ssh) with pc but it’s not the first objective

For instance, I’ve no problem with sd

Another option is to use a mobile phone as a Wi-fi hotspot, connect the laptop / tablet you’re using to run AOG and set this up as an access point.

Then connect as many devices as you want.


Mobile phone work bad since i ve changed my honor to xiaomi. Maybe the tablet as an Access Point is a good idea, i have to try.

I think i will keep the idea of the raspberry and try the François method to share internet by bluetooth. The avantage of the raspberry is than i can put node-red in it (good to interact with aog for bad programmer like me).

Fair point, both achieve the same aim.

I’m running Node Red to control and read various tools and devices. Fantastic isn’t it?

I use Gl-inet 6416A (older model for GL-MT300N) just because it was laying around without use.
I power router direct from PCB +5V output

In my case GPS (ardusimple RTK2B) is connect to tablet using bluetooth.
Autosteer is connect to router using cat5
Tablet connects to router using wifi
And router is configured as wifi-client and wifi access point.
I use my smartphone as hotspot router connects automatically to mobile network and tablet connects to routers wifi.

I ve got a problem with udp and wifi on the tablet, i do not receive packets fluently. Only on wifi work fine on ethernet. I try with two different tablet, a laptop, different AP (raspberry , mobile phone, Freebox). I try with esp32dualantennaudp, Brian simudp application. Always the same and only with wifi.


That is what wifi does, it was discussed maybe a year ago (maybe on combine forum). GPS need signal fluently, and not packets. So connect your GPS receiver via ethernet cable, Bluetooth or USB. But maybe someone found a solution to bridge or stream signal from GPS receiver?
Rtk signal works via wifi because it is only needed once pr second.

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other solution is deleting the Windows wifi driver. After reboot this problem may disappear. Worked for some guys here

I use RUT955 as router in a all WiFi system, but sometimes I had the Windows bug. I haven’t been in the field with autosteer since I deleted the driver

Sorry but I don’t understand this trick, deleting the driver. If no driver then no wifi at that device, as far as I know?
Win 10 will probably reinstall the built in windows driver for wifi quite soon, or?
Edit: And does the trick allow you to connect via wifi to rover GPS receiver, without problems, aka no Bluetooth or USB connection to receiver?

Thanks Mtz8302 for your duad antenne code it’s awesome.
I did take off the driver, update all driver with no Big différences. But it look like change 255 ip to the right ip is working !

Thanks François, check-and-connect-bt-pan.sh work good