Work switch problem V4 Micro

Good afternoon Guys,

So I got my V4 micro system working two weeks ago! It’s working, needs a little tune up, but for now I’m more then happy, succes story will be posted later.
I now wanted to add a proximity switch to know when my hitch is down in order to then activate the machine in the software and register the covered area, how ever I don’t seem to get it working.
I bought a NPN NO proximity sensor, brown to 12V, Blue to GRD and I now have the black wire output directly connected to Pin 9 on the V4 micro, which is the work switch pin, how ever this does not work. it will not turn on or off the machine in AGO. Is this the correct way to set this up? or should I use a relais?

In the simulator I have tried to run a machine and use the workswitch button on the PCB to engage and disangage work and to check the PCB and wiring but also not working, the blue LED does light up, but nothing happening in AGOpen, I have work switch turned on in the software, and tried all settings for manual and automatic.

Please I could use some help. Thanks!

Try to create a field with boundary in simulator, and drive inside the boundary.

A field must be created but the boundary is not needed.

I (think) I’m already in a field, I can engage the section by clicking the red beam representing the section. Then it is working. This isnt available outside of a field right? Or is it.

So when i manually engage the machine it wont respond to a workswitch input after.

There is also a setting where you select , steerswitch control sections. The one I use as I have no workswitch. But if I use manual a bit then auto colour on screen does not work correct until second time the steer switch is used. AOG 5.72

When I pass the boundary the auto paint turn off and I must press manual work icon to get painy on screen again. (I have a field where boundary cross a corner wrong)

You need to ground pin 9 to turn work switch on.

Also need to turn the work switch on in settings and choose whether it’s on or off when grounded.

You need to hold work switch down, it does not work as a momentary switch.

@Larsvest Thank you, I’m already in a field when simulating, but haven’t set a boundary, i"ll try that the asap, I’ll have to check what version of AOG I’m on now, will get back to this later.

@TeddyStamford, thanks! so i think I have it connected right then, I have the blck sensor output to pin 9, but indeed I only pushed it as a momentary switch althou you might expect short bursts then in AOG the lag for turning sections on and off might have absorbed those short inputs. I’ll try holding the switch.

Work switch outputs some voltage so you need to pull it to ground.

Thanks guys got it working! output of the sensor to pin 9. I didn’t do it in simulator but Just got on the tractor in the field and tested it there.

Work switch now responding to hitch up and down tru the proximity sensor.

Only thing now, when i engage autosteer it sets sections to auto aswell where i want this to stay on manual, but guess that’s just a software thing i have to set correctly, it was late and had to stop, so i’ll try and figure that out later.

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That could be to deselect autosteer to control sections

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