1 To 2 RJ45 LAN Port

Hi guys I have a autosteer board connected with RJ45 and I built a machine control
Agomatic but I wanted to connect it with RJ45 instead of usb I have a surface pro so I’m already using a usb to internet adapter so wondering if anyone have any recommendation on what to use ?

Wifi router might be the thing you are looking for.

I’m unfamilar with Agomatic so I have no idea if it supports WiFi…

Assuming all boxes are running Ethernet on the RJ45 physical connections, then a cheap 4 port switch / hub will get everything talking. Cheap WiFi routers from ISP’s usually incorporate a 4 port switch, will often run happily on 12VDC and can be had for free if you hunt around.

Something like this perhaps. There also 2 port versions.