12-23 Row Planter Section Width

I am configuring a 12-23 split row planter. My question is about the configuration of the sections. There are two sections left and right. There are 12 rows on the left side with the 12th row being dead center of the planter. On the Right side there are 11 rows.

Overall width of the planter is 345 in. The left section is 180 wide and the right section is 165 wide. If I configure it with section 1 being 180 in and section 2 being 165 then the implement is not centered behind the tractor on the screen.

If I configure it with two sections that are 172.5" wide then it will turn on and off the left section when it should not.

What is the proper way to configure this for proper section control?

I’m not sure, but maybe like this?

Can you use an offset to center the planter?

let’s start with the fact that the number 23 cannot be divided equally as 22:2=11 (two groups of 11 sections) then I would suggest 3 groups, I will illustrate it in the picture, but it seems to me that the program sees it a little differently and does not want to do it as I would like

my mistake, i think you want it to look like this photo 2

This gets you the correct AB line spacing but it appears to be 23 section control. Are you planning to use section control?

Yes I just tested this as well. It gives 23 rows of section control. I need two sections of section control. One clutch for the left 12 rows and one clutch for the right 11 rows.

I thought this just might work until I tested it in the sim.

Depending on what kind of section control you want, I think it would be reasonably simple to modify the section INO/firmware/sketch to turn on left section if any section 1-12 is active and the rigth section if any 13-25 is active.

True, I can make that happen if there is not a more “normal” solution.

It seems strange that AOG would put your implement off center based on the width of your section.

Using an implement offset probably fixes it in real life but the onscreen would still show overlap on one side and skip on the other.

I am pretty sure implement offset does not fix it in real life. Using implement offset shifts the guidance lines by the offset value. This will create actual skips and overlaps in the field. I did a very exaggerated example in the sim and most definitely does not appear to work for this situation.

It was a good thought, and I thought it might work. But alas it does not appear to.

It doesn’t work in the sim because it’s displaying the implement wrong with a 2 section setup but in real life your implement is centered correct? A 7.5" offset should should cause the tractor to drive centered, AoG will think there’s skips/overlaps but I think in real life there won’t be.

Another issue with using zones (1-12) & (13-23) with a modified INO is that AoG will map/paint them individually but again in real life the sections in each zone will turn on/off together and AoG does not support the ability to report back actual section on/off at the same time as having section control output.

I will show some screenshots to try and demonstrate why I think this is not working in real life. In real life I have 345" wide implement that is centered behind the tractor.

In this first example I am showing a two section implement where one section is wider than the other. This is exaggerated to more easily demonstrate the issue. In this example one section is 300" wide and the other is 45" wide.

In this image you can see that the implement is not centered behind the tractor in AOG. The AB lines are offset from each other by 345" as they should be. but coverage is not calculated correctly because of the implement offset that is seen in AOG. This will cause sections to incorrectly turn on and off.

In the second example I will apply and implement offset equal to 127.5". This will get the implement to appear in the correct location centered behind the tractor.

As you can now see the implement is centered behind the tractor but the guidance lines are also offset which will cause the tractor to actually drive in the incorrect location in the field.

I think I am going to try the following.

I will tie section 1 and 2 together in the machine.ino. This should work ok, Not perfect but ok.

Or would it be good enough to just leave it as is? The worst you could have is a couple small skips on the middle row.

Discussed it with my brother. We decided to just leave it split 50/50. If it shuts off the middle row and leaves a skip we will deal with it.