12 row beet drill on section control

A quick overview of my success story fitting section control on a 12 row beet drill.

Managed to have it dropping seed 40cm off the headland row


Very happy with the results so far
Time will tell once it grows
Many thanks for all the help and input i had


Hi, how do you stop sowing?

It turns each section off when it crosses the coverage area on the headland

nice 1!!

Neat! Did you tie into an existing system, or did you add your own row shutoffs?

Basically just teed into each motor power wire and looped each one to the relay board. All the wiring and relay boards are in an additional box mounted on the drill then i just bought a 4m usb cable to run from the tablet to the drill.
Ive drilled about 150 acres so far. On the 2nd day i had a relay fail on the one board but luckily the drill control box tells you if a motor hasn’t started after a certain time delay. Bit concerned why it failed to start with though. The relay board is 5v so the nano can switch it and there is 12v coming out of the relays to the motors

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Bit of a follow up now the crop has emerged enough to see properly. Needless to say im really happy and its unbelievably accurate


did you walk round with a hoe to make it look good :rofl:

That’s great! I also have experienced similar success with this. Thanks for sharing! Works better than our commercial system. It drives straighter as well.

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