12 volt steer motor

not sure with the new v4 board, im trying to find a 12 v steering motor but am having zero luck, was going to order from Andreas but not sure if he ships to the us and he on vaca till like 24th of july, so if any on has a link to one i would appreciate it , thank you…

I think you can buy them on aliexpress aswell

The phidgets 24v motor that alot of people use and which the 3d printed motor holder design is based on can be used as a 12v motor aswell as 24v

Only at 50% speed and torque, better to get motor for 12v with specs that you want (if something like universal gear system from @PotatoFarmer then 600 rpm 12v, 0.5Nm or more torque motor).

search for MFA986D41 we use it on many tractors, currently its on backorder at few places but gotronic.fr still had a few at stock:
Motoréducteur MFA 986D41 MFA - Motoréducteurs | GO TRONIC

no shipping to USA


I use this one, 5.2 ratio 950 rpm

Who used this motor? Brushless, driver built in.

I use the phidgets motor on 12v for our sprayer. If not using u turn, it works fine. Very robust and easy to bump up to 24v later if desired. Yes 1/2 speed/torque is correct. So 1/4 the power vs 24V. Why not wanting 24v? Less parts?

i just realized the 24 volt isnt an issue wih the micro board, there was some issue with the standard board

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There were some issues with the standard board having a the 12v and cytron tied together but that is fixable as well.

what is the fix for that?

look at the wiki

yes i get there’s i fix but im not sure exactly what they are saying to do?

V4 board with x2 traces we managed to burn down a 12V ~70W motor and popped several 10A fuses, but the board survived. (Plastic gears were forced together causing a lot of friction.)

Is that twice the copper thickness or just wider traces?

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Double copper is cheap insurance.