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You may have noticed, or maybe didn’t notice, there are a few new links at the top of the page. Maxime did a great job of figuring out the language keys and how to set up the site for different languages. So far, French and German. The French group posts many messages a day on Telegram, so hopefully categories can be made, ideas posted, and allow an easy to read format that can be searched and where they won’t just disappear in a huge long list.

So besides the 2 languages, there is the link to the videos on the FarmerBrianTee YouTube channel as well as a handy link to the AgOpenGPS Github site. Very convenient. Thanks again to Maxime for working out the details. Magnifique!

Version 4 is coming along nicely, being tested, and final details and decisions are being made. The goal is to have it fairly complete before releasing, the main program, documentation, schematics, module code, Matthias’s dual antenna code, and PCB’s. A lot of work for sure, but to have more streamlined system will make it easier for everyone. The ability to set the Arduino options directly from AgOpenGPS alone is worth the update. Fields remain compatible but vehicles will not be. But new ones are very different as you can save the Vehicle, the Tool, and the Environment separately.

We are just a group of farmers doing this in our spare time - its kind of like a modern barn raising on a global scale for the benefit of all. Farmers helping farmers… Thank you to the many who helped and continue to help to make this project a reality.


I know this is sounding like a delay, but well it is. A topic came up about turning on the sections not during look ahead but only at the already applied. Also to be able to have turn off look ahead. I’ve taken on the challenge, so that will take a bit - but it will be an incredibly useful upgrade. Especially for air seeders where there is longer fill empty times.

Basically need to do everything twice, one for drawing the mapping, one for turning the sections off on since they will no longer be one.

Looking forward to the new offerings from ArduSimple with their SBC and dual antenna systems coming up. Also super excited about Matthias’s dual antenna ublox system with the esp32. Many things are happening, so many doing so much good work.


Since you are in there, I wonder how much trouble it would be to set the look ahead side. What I mean is, as you are making a right hand u-turn, and you are running 3 or so sections, it looks ahead and sees the boundary and shuts the far left section off. If this was set to the middle of that section, it may not leave such a gap while u-turning. Just a thought,

Hopefully with look ahead turnoff as opposed to turn off delay the problem will be different :slight_smile:

I often think the max look ahead needs to be a lot less when turning as the outer speed is crazy far ahead. maybe like 50% more then the vehicle speed etc. Going to have to play around with that.

Would this look ahead be able to cope with unequal section positioning. Namely triple (front and rear) mowers? The middle section (front) obviously being much further forward than the outer (rear) two.

Just a thought. From what I’ve been told some proprietary systems have the ability to set individual section fore/aft offset.

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With 4 rotors rakes ?


Well yes, those as well. Even more useful for that.

I have thought about that as well, right now it all has to be in a line. I know on our high clearance sprayer the center section is about 75 cm farther back.

Each section has its own lookahead and position, so shouldn’t be impossible.

Regarding averaging of section, if you only have a single section, and turn sharp, the average speed works out to barely moving and the section never comes on. So far max speed from left/right works about the best