1982 Versatile 895 steering wheel gear

I designed this 2 spoke steering wheel gear that is compatible with @PotatoFarmer’s motor mount and TPU gear (some grinding may be necessary depending on the condition of your steering wheel)
Printed with a 0.8mm nozzle with 5 Vertical shell’s 60% infill out of Overture PETG
Nozzle temp 230C (240C for the first layer)
Bed Temp 80C ( 90C for the first layer)


You just solved two swather installs for me,

I will be releasing the original F360 files due to this, If you agree that I can add this to the current Gdrive repository.

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Sure you can, just know it’s currently untested, I may have a hydraulic issue on my 895 and I’m waiting on my wheel angle sensor to test it out.

The gear my have to be sanded to fit depending on the wear on your steering wheel.

It appears to be symmetrical on my wheel, so it should work.

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I have two massey / CI swathers to install in that have the same bi spoke wheel. So it will get tested.

I installed it today, I’ll modify the STL so the nuts on the back are counter sunk and they rub against the steering motor

STL file is updated on Thingiverse with 7/16" hex cut outs for more clearance ( I’m using the original gear still, will test today)

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Just confirming the gear works on my 895! It’s even able to do a U-turn with only 12V pulling a 45ft land roller


did this happen to fit your massey swather? I just bought a Massey 220

Good question, have not got to install it yet.