1984 Stieger Panther III articulated 4wd

Converted a 38 year old classic 4WD to AOG. Originally it had been using a Trimble ez150 that was later upgraded with a Emlid M2.

*** If your looking for a starting point for a 4WD tractor tuning here is the setup file for the Stieger, the better the measurements the better the results.

The results were nothing short of awesome, and I produced a few videos of the results. Links below.

The tractor was a real challenge to install a WAS on, but eventually did find a good location.

Steering box with BNO085 inside, mounted on the owners original home made air seeder controller.

For steering using the Universal 3D printed gear set, had to improvise a little to get them to fit this oblong wheel. But if it can be fixed with tyraps and radiator hose, I will find a way.

For measuring tractor dimensions I found the iPhone measure app, within an inch of really using a tape.

Since we do not do the reverse imu zero, I wanted to be sure the tractor was pretty level. It would also be cool if we could enter the offset manually. I used a high precision protractor to verify level.

Because 2% more awesome, that’s why. Just for the can never get enough calibrated straightness crowd!

RTK corrections were fed off a PPP’d Emlid M2 base, using Emlids free caster.

I really like Emlids product especially for the base position. For rover I like the compact Sparkfun F9p.

For antenna the Tallysman HC 871 did great, never lost fix once.

Was getting great steering results 0-1" 90% of the time, the odd 2", and no more than 4" offline on a 20 degree side hill. Had the overlap set to 12" mostly to erase the one tire mark and for implement side hill drift if needed.

Uturn was the best, hours of supervisory relaxation until the seed drill needed filling.

The WAS did not suffer at all after prolonged use,

Now for options I wish AOG had while in the tractor.

-Boundary recording would automatically stop if the current point got within a user set distance of the starting point preventing “the bowtie of death” having a wrinkle on your boundary can mess up your day.

Down at the bottom you can see where I raked some road, on an otherwise flawless headland trip.

Boundary guidance ceases to work in the corners after the angle is less than 90 degrees. After the first boundary with 60’ harrows all the corners are 90’s.

I found you have to do headland passes first, if there is a mix already on the screen the contour breaks down. I either had perfection or a wild ride usually switching to the next pass.

  • When aiming the ABline, it would be nice to see the halo of your implement size in translucent red on the middle line. For squaring off this would take all the guess work out entirely.

-in v5.5 discovered VTG is still needed to make the map draw correctly

-Experienced a glitch where the screen kept switching to night mode unexpectedly.

Other than that, this was a very cost effective, and feature rich solution that worked well. Uturn is the best. Also the extreme evenness of the fields finish have been catching local attention.

Bravo to everyone on this forum.


You are doing great work, nice to see you in the video :slight_smile: . Congratulations.


Nice one. Only that window color for AOG :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Gotta make your window colour match the tractor :joy: :joy: :joy:, Stieger was really feeling the 80’s neon vibe with the neon green and Tron type angular styling.

In their prime they were a vibrant colour that could not be missed from 50 miles away.


Looks good, I should have never sold my CM325

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