2 gps recievers in open grade

Brian how would it work to use 2 gps recievers in agopengps (open grade) having control of each end of the blade would be a huge step.

Agopengps and open grade are not the same program.

It would work well. As of yet, open grade does not use any tilt. So someone would need to add it.

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Indeed, there’s no tilt for now. there’s even no distance for lateral or front/back offset for the antenna.

The software itself is able to read PAOGI and PANDA so would be easier to use a microcontroler to builds these sentences than connect 2 receivers to the tablet.

I agree since most of us have one or the other.

I’ve talked some to our local dirt mover, he doesn’t use any tilt at all. Just gga. And he levels fields all the time, he’s done several of ours. I think he would always work with or against the intended water flow.
So it isn’t like tilt is absolutely necessary. But it would be nice.

Two antennas would be great for hooking two scrapers together.

Why not use two separate open grade systems in this case. The additional cost would be the interface board/box as two antennas and gnss receivers would be needed anyway. Not sure but I’m assume the tablet computer can run two independent instances of open grade?

Except I’m using wifi open gradex. I haven’t figured how to run two connections :grin:. I guess this is the wrong place anyway :grin:

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I’m guessing you’d have to change some program IDs. At least AOG seems to know when its already running

Since you only need the antenna from the scrapper you’re filling I would say feed two GPS to the microcontroller and switch from one to an other there.

Like toggle a switch front/back

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Just thinking outloud here, couldn’t a bno be used for tilt on the blade?

Absolutely. I believe some commercial systems use IMU’s to measure blade tilt.

For large scale field leveling I would agree 1 receiver works good. I’ve even used it on dual sloped concrete sub grade. But when you get to steeper slopes or where the slope changes from one end to the other you need control of both ends of the blade. I use it mostly for sub grade on large concrete projects 7 + acers silage slabs around buildings with 3d grades. 1/2 in off on the sub grade makes a big difference.

Blade tilt would be one way . A surface file would have to be generated the control would then calculate the tilt based of the surface.

If nothing else, would be nice to implement manual tilt in opengrade. Could manually enter desired tilt. Maybe 90 degrees to survey path?