2022 AOG Planting/Seeding

So i would like to start this thread for posts about planting/Seeding in 2022.

Please post a picture plus a link to a video. Of a planting/Seeding operation in 2022. And feel free to be elaborate with your videos. If you have a drone go ahead and use it. If you like talking to the camera. talk to your hearts content.
Only include machines Autosteered by Ag Open GPS
Please include crop, and date planted. And any other info about the operation you are performing
with AOG.
And please tell us what country you are from.
Please limit this thread to just posts that include pics and vids. but feel free to like
So have at it. I dont have one to post yet myself. Cold weather is delaying us here in Kansas USA


Here are a couple of my videos.
Soybean ruff ground but autosteer works perfectly - Soya 2022.MOV - Google Drive
Sunflower 2022, this field is around 1km long Sunflower 2022.MOV - Google Drive
Two autosteers working side by side both running AOG 5.5 Corn 2022.MOV - Google Drive


So I realize I completly failed to post a planting video. So here is a really late production.
JD8400 pulling JD 1890 CCS seeder
No Tilling soybeans Into corn stalks, with a rye cover crop. April 20th 2022
NE kansas USA


I see that you have AOG to the valves, could you put a photo of the type of valves that you have? I have a JD8300 and I want to put AOG in the hydraulic system. Thank you

I bought the tractor with an trimble valve plumbed into the system already. Its a vickers valve i think.