22 Nov 2019 - Trams for sale or rent

I’ve been quite absent from the online world, been on a little holiday hiking in the red rock mountains. Thought i would share a picture of what i’ve been busy with while “relaxing”. I never realized just how important tram lines were for so many people in many countries. They are basically never really used here in Canada. It has been fun learning about them and how to incorporate them into AgOpenGPS. So here is a screenshot of what they look like. No more guessing on where they should be. Works on curve and AB line, as well as drawing the outer one. Still a lot of cleaning up to do, its on the Dev branch if you wish to compile it yourself and give it a try. Back home next week, so will finish up the code and do a release shortly. 3.0.8 will be next…

Also a little pic off the summit of Bear mountain, Sedona Arizona.


Wow! Enjoy your relaxing!
To see the outer tramline all the time is also very handy :+1:

Have nice days.

thank for the picture, the holidays is very important enjoy , tram lines can wait

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Holy cow Brian, that looks gorgeous. I am quite envious right now. I figure this is as good as spot as any to show I am back thanks to Wilbert. Anyhow it looks like I have some catching up on. Cheers guys.


Good to hear from your Beer! Welcome to the forum. You should see todays news. Headlands 13 Dec 2019 - #3 by BrianTee_Admin