24V to cytron (aog v4.1 pcb)

Hi. I’m using av 24VDC steering motor from the AOG Micro v4.1 board with a 12->24V converter. I’ve found some pictures and instructions showing “24V in” at the PCB, which mine don’t have.
My PCB have “Gnd/Pwr Cytron pwr” input. Is this where I supply the 24V?
Am I right that the steering motor then connects to pin 5 and 6 from the 23pin ampseal?

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24v in comes in in pin 18 of the Ampseal plug, you then need a jumper wire, like this:


Thank you.
I can see in the pin output overview that p18 is for canbus, but that is maybe wrong?

On the V2.4 and V2.5 PCBs it is.

The V4.1 only has one Canbus chip so 18 is not used for Canbus.