26 October, New GUI

Do I dare? Sure, might as well. Tired of the old one. The 1024x768 isn’t a lot of space so something needs to be done. So there is an event called mouseUp that can be called on any control. You touch the screen (mouseDown event) and once you take your finger off the mouseUp event gets triggered. The OpenGL picture is actually a control just like a button or panel etc so the same applies to it. It already uses the mouseDown event to see if you clicked on a flag. So, if someone touches the control, we can now tell it to resize and expose other functions hidden behind the opengl screen. The theory is this, why show all the buttons all the time - but yet still have easy and quick access to many of them when you want to. Single touch buttons like Make Contour from boundary can be just hit and disappear, A menu does kind of provide this but isn’t as smooth. So that is where time has been spent lately. Some might hate it, some might like it - but that’s the thing with personal taste - love it or hate it.