27 Feb 2020 - Section Control

The last couple weeks have been very challenging incorporating the new concepts in section control. Look ahead turn on, look ahead turn off and delay turn off were the 3 features, but the really new one was look ahead turn off. Rather then me type, i made a detailed video explaining how section control works and what the advantages are to the new system. I have to say, it works REALLY well. Just final testing and make sure it all works and version 4 should be in release - hoping within a few days if there isn’t serious issues.


Very good video, good explaining.

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The lookahead lines really help understand what is going on. What is the reason the wasn’t a red line when you had the turn off set to delay? I expected to see the red line behind the tool.

When you think about it, turn off ahead looks forward for that line where all is applied ahead of it and can turn off, so it turns off early. Delay turn off stays on for a certain set time. The two are in conflict because when using the delay off the "look ahead line is now behind the tool and the delay starts counting down as soon as the section sees all applied ahead of itself. So, the “turn off” line is right under the sections.

Welcome to the forum @dairytech haven’t heard from you in a while…

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on the project but I’ve had some things change at work that have made it much more difficult to be as involved as I want to be.

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