29 October

There is a new release! It has the new touch and show buttons feature. You can also touch the overhead field view and see more data as well.

Enjoy! https://github.com/farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS/releases/tag/v3.0.4

A Video: https://youtu.be/U6Fk6tlLIkA


Its a very good looking GUI.
One small point it does not display all the icon in the horizontal plane on my laptop. Especially on the right side. Also when I use a 1024 by 600 screen that I want to trial on the actual tractor the window is clipped. Currently I have not found a 1024 by 760 screen.
So any chance of being able to use a few different screen sizes in the set up of the program?
Anyway nice work

No. :slight_smile: 1024x768 is the smallest resolution. Full HD is nicer. UHD is best

Can you post a picture of what you mean by not displaying all the icons?

Nice GUI and also informative video.
Another video that helped me a lot, was your video from 26. of august: AutoSteer Settings From Default Config. I suggest a link to that one in the settings section.

I like it. I vote for the longer delay after mouse-up. Just in the simulator it will go back to full screen if you drag around at all in the side screens, since mouse up is not activated while in the side screens. I can imagine that while driving that few seconds will go by really fast.

I can not seem to reproduce the issue. Maybe I am seeing double after watching so many AOG videos. If I see it again I will certainly post a screen shot

I really like the new concept, and every honor to the effort,
There is no need for the buttons to be in multiple places and
I would put the buttons differently,
Settings for AutoSteer, Vehicle, etc. On one side and on the other I would place Field, Uturn, Boundary.
And he would eliminate the third row on the right
Something like this

Put the screen in 1024x768. It is very different. Some people like the minimalist approach, i understand that, but then with small resolutions and people who like full access, the needs are definitely not met. It is quite hard to encompass a GUI to contain exactly what everyone likes/wants, so in the end you just have access to it all. In your picture above at small resolution you no longer have access to the tools or the settings icons, that wouldn’t work at all. If the minimum size was 1366 wide even it would look a lot different.

Really nice GUI, great work Brian! Without trying it in action, the sidebar hide delay feels a little short with all the distractions of actual field work. How about just touching the map again to hide those sidebars? Or a combination, touch to hide immediately or automatically after a longer delay, say 30-60 sec?


I agree, when I put the 1024x768 resolution it is completely different.
But even then I have duplicate buttons Field, Uturn, Boundary.
I think in that case you should throw out NTRIP, Communication Settings, IMU, and all the other buttons that are already in the good old button
at the bottom of the screen
SETINGS :slight_smile:

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There are now too many buttons which I do not need while driving. The Icons for the top left file and settings menue are unique for a windows software. You can only guess which function is behind. I would like to have a structured screen menu.

  • Settings ,
  • drive to field like open /close field boundery
  • driving : ABLines, Contour, Autodrive, AutoTurn …
    For example: I dont’t need a button boundery in the top level because I don’t need it while driving. I need it only to setup the field. The old menu was good.
    For example with the new gui a new driver can not use aog because it’s to difficult to
    work with the system. The danger is very big to choose the wrong button because
    there are too much options.the use of the “Programm exit” button as a “exit” button in the
    sub menu is very confusing for a new user. The possibility to give ab lines names is now missing.
    From my point of view would less buttons more clear.

I woud like to see more process data on the top screen, such as distance to/from boundery, actual roll position correction in cm, actual steering angel correction because of roll in cm, distance driven after workswitch activated, steering controller is aktive steering, speed which is received from steering controller th check the udp connection to the controller … and so on.


You can add names to the ablines, instead of accepting the default one given, just enter the name you want. Also most of the data you are asking for is already there under the whole field view. Just tap it and it disappears. Highly recommend watching the video on how it all works.

It may be just mine, but the simulator control panel goes away when you click the window. Not a big deal. But just in case you set it to a much longer delay, it might get annoying during testing.

Since you dare with a new GUI. What about swipe right, menus, swipe left no menus? I don’t even know if that is possible. Just thinking out loud---- record mouse down position, take mouse up position, if mouse up x > mouse down + setting, open menu. And visa-versa.

Swipe works. See attached mouse up and mouse down. The code will need to be cleaned up, but it works. I commented out the timer after mouse up and turned the simulator back on. Swipe is about 1/2" on my desk top. May want to set higher if implemented on smaller screens.

Edit: Setting the swipe to 150 works better on my machine.

swipe.txt (2.4 KB)

Since the new gui will be 1366 wide, no longer need to hide the menus, so that makes it all a lot easier. I like the swipe, you can use all the gestures but bouncing in a field seems to be not so popular for using them. That’s too bad :frowning: