3D design software

I’m wanting to make a couple 3d printed parts, what software are you guys using?

Fusion 360 is a CAD software that is free for hobbyists and is very popular among non-professionals. I’d recommend Fusion 360 if you are starting out with CAD and will never do it professionally. I personally use Solidworks, but that’s what I’m used to and that’s what I use professionally.

For CAM I use SuperSlicer. I’ve used Cura in the past too. Both are free, most slicers are free. Cura is probably the most widely used.

On my printers I use Klipper firmware, with a Fluidd front end. You can use whatever firmware your printer came with if you didn’t build the printer yourself.

Fusion360 as well, to design and make the .stl
Then Cura for slicing for the printer.

There are other options, but these work well. Have not tried any others extensively.


I use fusion 360 as well. I have a Prusa printer so use Prusa slicer. Only complaint I have is creating supports. Prusa doesn’t have the “tree” supports option. Mostly I design my parts so they don’t need supports.

fusion 360 it is then! Thanks

Give OnShape a go if you are new to CAD. it’s browser based so gives you the flexibility of multiple computers and have all your projects follow you. I prefer it over fusion having used both but that just my opinion.

When it comes to modeling for a 3D printer, I recommend Mechanical Spark. It is very easy to use. I have used it in the past, had to switch to F 360 when i started using cnc machines but MS has better solutions than F360

@baraki is right, the right one will seem logical to you as well. Fusion and how to draw with it makes sense to me, OnShape confused the hell out of me.

Try out a couple, there may be one that fits how you learn better than others.

Thanks to all of you. I watched a few videos on using each of the software packages and ended up using Onshape. Either videos were better or in my deranged mind it made sense. Anyway I have my part designed so off to a printer.

Thanks again


For very simple designs that I want to get done quick I use Tinker Cad. for more complicated I use FreeCAD.