4.3.10: why does it drive right of the line all the time?

Since I started, aog has always wanted to drive slightly right of the line, creating overlap and gaps in the the view and on the field. I’ve just made the implement narrower in setting and let it overlap the right so it lines up the left.

I don’t have any offsets on the implement or the antenna, even if I did I can’t see why it would knowingly steer off the line consistently.


Is your wheel angle sensor centered properly?

You mean centered as 0 is straight ahead? Seems so, it steers fine. It knows its off the line, it just decides to drive a couple feet right of it for some reason.

It’s a common symptom of an off center WAS. Best way I know to check center is to drive on an open field, engage the manual Drive mode, leave the target angle set at 0 and watch your horizon to see if you notice it slowly turning one way or the other. You can adjust the WAS center slider at the same time until it drives straight.

I was fairly sure I’d done this again but ill check it one more time.

My seed drill make the tractor sidedraft about 10 cm. I put same 10 cm as antenna offset.
But you could also put 10 cm as mashine offset.