4.3.1x to 5.x question

I’ve build 4 PCB v2.0 boards and use AgOpenGPS 4.3.1 with SimpleRTK with success… I’ve been away a few months and the version 5.x.x is a significant architectual upgrade. It appears the onboard MMA8452 is less desirable to a BNO085 on a com port. I think this called “bricked”. Is there a circuit diagram how connected a BNO085 is connected to a Nano? I assume my onboard MMA8452 is still considered in the guidance otherwise. Is that correct?

Yes one is included in the github file for V5.5

You just wire in power, and SDA and SCl, on the v2 you can find these broke out in the dog2 area of the board were the mma was located.

Same wiring for the aliexpress bno as well, except the voltage is 3.3v

The “brick” was another IMU which is no longer supported.

You can also still connect a BNO085 to the V2 board in place of the MMA, but they are not a direct plug in beacue the pin arrangements is different or the pins come pre soldered on the wrong side of the board.

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Since you have been away for some time, I must urge you to consider the teensy plus panda solution. That means no imu on the steer board.
And you get corrected heading as well.