5.7.2 Panda UDP - correct Teensy ino

Hi everyone,

I have been using agopenGPS for 2 years without the autosteer. I have ardusimple RTK base / rover and XBEE Xtra long range radios.
I’m building the autosteer now. Have autosteer board and have assembled panda board schematic.
I’m updating to version 5.7.2 and there are no SupportFiles.zip. I can only find Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5 in Support/TeensyModules/Firmware AgOpenGPS_Boards/Support/TeensyModules/Firmware at master · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards · GitHub.

Do I use 5.5 ino or is there an updated ino for 5.72?

Thanks in advance

That’s the correct one, ignore the name