5.8.3 AGIO Windows Defender Trojan Alert

I’ve just downloaded and unzipped 5.8.3 (edited to correct typo) from GitHub, and when I unzip it, windows 11 pops up a message saying a threat detected, Agio.exe has a trojan Bearfoos.A!ml

This looks like a false positive, but has anybody else seen it?

Theres a new version out now 5.8.2

Nope, not seen it - provide the link please, and also what AV are you using?

Nothing here for 5.7.3: VirusTotal

A couple of nothing-to-worry-about for agio.exe itself: VirusTotal
(I also uploaded my AOG tracker app, it generates the same false positives)

Typo, I meant 5.8.3 the latest one from 3 days ago!

Push them through virustotal, same thing as I got, I expect. Guessing the false positive is triggered by the use of UDP communication via localhost or something weird like that.