5.8.3 Roll error freeze when unpowered


I’ve found a bug in UDP (which have probably ever been reported since it’s really annoying), with a kaupoi pcb (shouldn’t have importance here).

When you unplug -plug UDP while working, everything is okay.

If you stop powering the arduino, the roll will freeze, and next time you open agopengps, you’ll have to send again x-y axis to unfreeze it.

Is this bug have ever been reported ?

thank for solving this problem.

You probably need this delay.
I don’t know if it is in the latest ino for nano?

Thanks a lot for the help !!

After have checked, I had this problem on 5.7 too

It wasn’t implemented on the latest version of ino.

After adding delay(2000); after setup, it works back as usual.

It’s actually weird because I have this problem on the kaupoi v 4.1 that I use for testing and the one in my tractor, BUT I haven’t got this problem on the “classic PCB V2” that I’m using on an other tractor with Agopengps 5.8.2 (wich also don’t works with kaupoi PCBs).