6 Nov 2019 v3.0.5 *** Please don't use this version! *** use 3.0.3 instead

Well, after much listening and many great ideas I have been able to incorporate a lot of new ideas and suggestions. Big changes are always a challenge - unintended effects somewhere else is the big one. Will all users like it? Will most of them?

i didn’t have the heart to eliminate the 1024x768 screen resolution. To make 2 versions is a terrible way to go as well. So there are tradeoffs of course. Give the new version a try, Thanks again for the great ideas, Juwel for the buttons (we need to still make a few changes, I’ll explain later) but it should be a fairly stable release to build from. Buttons can be added/moved/deleted as the majority decides where to go.

Download the Release or the source code, and please give it a try. Try it full screen and minimal size before suggesting ideas in Full HD only.



Well Done. Looks very professional.

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Absolutley awesome. :+1: I took a first look at the new version, after that i changed all buttons to my design. you are right, some of my Buttons dont fit in the new version. After your explanation I’ll try to build some other ones. Still a lot work to do

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Played around with it. Thanks for not eliminating the 1024x768 now I don’t have to buy whole new toughbooks. It looks quite professional, haven’t found any bugs yet. The power button is easy to touch accidentally. Very slick look overall.


The AB lines on right side need to be a bit substantial, so went with Greg’s there, I think they work really well as there is also a lot of text under them. I like those buttons, at some point it becomes change for change sake.

The buttons at the bottom right side need some work. They are field, boundary, boundary menu. They need to be extremely obvious what they do and be very unique. The green field one has been that for 3 years now and is almost the standard button for field open/close. Kinda hate to change it since it is very familiar to so many people. The boundary and boundary menu however are another story. Of all the buttons, those 2 need some work.

I think the uturn, reverse direction work well together. I also changed the snap arrows from double head to small and big arrow - seems to be intuitive. However the snap in the center is a bit confusing since it looks like the other 4 buttons, confusing to my eye at least. Should it be different? I’d say yes so it doesn’t look like just another line move button. Too many arrows right now.

The other buttons are the antenna position in vehicle settings. Fore/Aft.

The manual and auto section control buttons, i made the tool larger so the yellow and green show up better. Perhaps some yellow color on the Pause button to differentiate from the stop button when drawing boundaries. (The boundaries are a form that needs some redesign as well as all the code associated with them, it will be a big job)

The UDP setting button i chose to use original because the one you had was a usb image - too similar to the usb setting button. There is probably more, but wow big step forward. Thank you again for your work, it takes it up another level for sure.

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If anyone is interested, attached are the forms and such for the Startup Screen.
Should be able to rename the txt file below by dropping the .txt in the name and then extract it.
If you are missing a file let me know.
Juwel should be able to clean up the icon.

Forms.zip.txt (337.8 KB)


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Not quite sure the purpose of a layer of buttons in a form over the buttons on the main screen? Why not just push the buttons on the main screen?

I agree, but I watched my dad try to figure out what of the several buttons to press to simply get started. I first started with a simple button right up front that said start. The button just made sure the simulator was turned off and the GPS was working. Then, setting the two pieces of equipment was hard for him to follow. So I showed a button for each. It simply opened the correct file. That was the thought process. Just a welcome screen. It is just to make it obvious, start here then you can fine tune it. It goes away if you click ok. I did not know how to save the on or off settings when you leave the program. But it should remember on or off.

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Since we only have a hand full of fields and a couple of implements that we use, prior to next season I hope to customize ours to have a set of icons that have our field boundaries to start in and a separate set with the pictures of the implement. Just to make it stupid simple for the new guy.

If I can figure it out, It will select the field based on the GPS reading.

Most of these settings for us only need to be set and forget it.

Was at a farm show yesterday and went thru the interfaces of systems. There is a lot of different ways to do things for sure. One thing was a “batman” panel where you could select favourites, the icon was a star. It was the Outback (hemishpere) system that was all batman panel based. Few icons on the start screen and major categories to the left. As you pushed for example guidance, up popped a panel with more buttons. The downside, it takes a lot of pushes to get anything done. But the fave button panel i thought was a good idea.

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Some systems gives you the choice in setup,to shift between alphabetic and the field closest to your position, which filed should be at the top of list in field folder.

The Raven system had a favorites screen.
Here is a picture of how you set up what is on the favorites menu. I never used it but it had it.

Yes, that is exactly where i am heading, got it all figured out so stay tuned on that. Can sort by field position or alphabet or day of creation would be nice too.

There are major issues with 3.0.5 so please stop using. Explained in the next update/news.

I’m not throwing rocks at the software, it is great. It works great, but for a new person, it’s tough to start up. I think that the start up should be as automatic as the u Turn or the auto steer.
Are we getting GPS turn off Sim.
Are we in the field, show the boundary.
Option to show what we did last time in the same field.
Show the list of standard saved equipment.
Click equipment and based on field it knows the ABLine, and tram lines.

I know that you can set all of this one button at a time, but, startup should take care of most of this, A,B,C drive.

Again, not throwing rocks, Just ideas.


Good ideas. This could help someone unexperienced get started, and easily be helped by phone to get going.

By phone is how I typically walk someone through it. That can be very difficult with no text on the icons. (You see the little button next to the last one on the right, that one that looks like a box, no the other box, …).

Even more difficult to remember when I’m not looking at it. I wrote a user manual for the ABC. But you expect wrongly, expecting people to be able to read and follow instructions.