64kbit/s not suitable for NTRRIP?

Hello everyone,
Usually, I use AgopenGPS on a Windows 10 Pro Computer with the Wifi Hotspot of my Phone. Because of my poor cellular contract I am left with 64kbit/s. The “Can not connect to caster” message shows up. I read about NTRIP only needs 1-3 MB/hour, so I am wondering why this is not enough.
Hotspot is set as metered connection - so there should not be that high data usage for updates etc.
Anyone an Idea where the “data thief” could be?

What is your ping?

You will most likely have to reduce the number of constellations you are using for testing, try only gps first

I used to have a Topcon AGI-4 with an old radio modem inside. It was using 12.5 kHz channel bandwidth and supported 9600 bit/s data rate and it was plenty enough for my old dual constellation base.

Which caster do you have? How is the base configured? Should be easy to check from the caster the RTK data stream bit rate. Sounds like the base/caster is not correctly configured or the computer is still using too much data for other purposes.

Windows shows the Wifi has no Internet connection. Single GPS works well and at home with the domestic Wifi or with other phones with faster internet speed, everything is alright.

I use Sapos Bavaria, it is an RTK network. So there is some uplink as well.

Seems to me the computer uses too much data for other purpuses. But where to configure? Or rather Win 7 install? :smile:

Are you using Ethernet as your communication to modules? We discovered we couldn’t connect to RTK with the tablet connected to the tractor network. Unhooking the tablet from the tractor for a little seemed to make it work. It seemed that AGIO was looking for the RTK on the wrong network

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Can you ping Sapos?

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I guess you are using the VRS option through Sapos Bavaria. For farming purposes it should only need the initial coordinates of the rover position. You can set AOG to send position data in uplink very very infrequently. Would not eat any significant bandwidth then.

Was in a 724 gen 6 today, the modem on it for ntrip was set at 19200. So 64kbit should be more than enough