8 Feb 2020

It’s been a while since there has been an update - so high time to do so.

V4 is coming along nicely. Just in Alpha testing stage right now - there are a lot of new ideas in it like hydraulic lift, headlands, setting up the Arduino in AOG rather then in the setup code of the ino etc. The other big thing is being able to set the color of the sections on the fly. While this is cool, it does force the field that once it is opened in v4 you can no longer open it again in v3. So really want it to be working very well before releasing it into the wild. It’s a massive update so I hope its worth the wait.

Learning the basics is very important. For many people autosteer may very well be their very first Arduino project - which is daunting. If they have ordered exactly all the right parts, built everything exactly right, hooked up everything exactly right, there are still a hundred ways to fail just by having struggles loading the ino code to the Arduino. Also since it is the first project, there is little experience in what the IDE does, how the program works etc. I get that, you just want autosteer.

So with that in mind, a new topic has been created here:
Building Section Control

That goes thru step by step and painfully slow some videos explaining how stuff works, and what stuff means. The videos will get more complex - as will the programs and I will try to explain the what’s and why’s of what is going on. Knowing these things will help not only troubleshoot an existing build, but encourage you to design and build your own projects going forward.

So please follow along. And version 4, unless something is really wrong, should be out soon.

2020-02-08 (1)

Also its the little things, like if you lose your GPS, it will tell you now

2020-02-08 (3)