84392699 Auto Guidance Valve

I purchased this valve remanufactured for only $1200 CAD. A new one is $1500 CAD. It is a proportional valve made for the specific models of tractors listed below. I understand it wont work for everyone, but it may help some. I plan to put it on my 2008 Magnum 250. It bolts right onto the orbital pump. You must have a tractor that is Guidance ready otherwise you will need to install a different orbital pump so the valve block can bolt onto it and work properly. Some other hoses and fittings will be needed as well. When I get mine installed I can update this post and show all the required parts and hopefully with part numbers.

A pressure transducer will also be needed to cancel autosteer in the instance of trying to turn the steering wheel to take over control.

Pictures of the unit can be found at the link below.


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It is clear for Proprortional valve but would be curious to know what is inside gold colour manifold?
Can youb get a complete hydraulic schematic ?

I wish I could tell you, but unless the case dealer has it or you could find info online with those numbers on the side of the golden block. Im not sure how to find out the inside layout … I have tried.

I learned after sadly that my tractor needed to have a special orbital pump to be compatible with this golden block to bolt on and work properly. The american version for the special autosteer compatible orbital pump is $850 and the euro model is $1500…no one can tell me what the difference is other then the price and its two different part numbers. My tractor is from france and so I would really like to know if I can buy the cheaper north american one and still have it work and save $650 in the process.

I am guessing it must have back flow restrictors in the golden block or the special orbital pump to stop the steering wheel from turning when autosteer is being used. I know in an out back install that tees into the lines you have to have that other wise the steering wheel will just spin since its the path of least resistance haha.

Could you join “Hydraulic valve info from Telegram” here in AOG Discourse: in detail discussion about use of steering valves… Fluid System is highlighted as very versatile…@gpierrat has just ordered a first bunch of 16; Maybe not too late for you to join this order…
(I have no connection with Fluid System company, simply thinking it is a smart design!)

Slimfarmer, you most likely can NOT buy the cheaper north american pump. The hydraulic systems design differ on those tractors a bit, that’s because of hydr. brake systems in Europe and different legal demand for a hydraulic steering in Europe. And because it’s a load sensing system components have to fit the specific design. I can’t help you on the details as I am no hydraulic specialist.

Please define what pump we are talking about.
I assume it is the orbitrol just under the steering wheel and the reason for another is simply because it needs correct holes (and flat surface where O-rings contact) for bolting 84392699 on to it.(looks like two bolts are needed to attach to orbitrol)
84392699 seems to be made for LS as it has 5 holes in, and one of the out is called LS.

The original Obrital pump ( under the steering wheel bolted to the outside of the firewall) that is not auto guidance ready has 4 ports on the face and the LS hose enters the side of the orbital pump. The auto guidance ready orbital has all five ports on the flat bolt to surface. As for needing different requirements for being it europe I honestly have no idea. In the north american version when the installation takes place the LS hose is teed into and hooked onto the top of the filter housing… I have yet to figure out why that is. I have looked into many aftermarket systems but this one is high flow at 60 liters a min and I like that idea. the out back one is only 35 liters a min. Less chance of getting oscillations. In the end I want a clean install with my agopengps system. This will give me that.

The other thing that has me confused is on an outback gps install shut off solenoids have to be installed so when steering the steering wheel won’t spin instead of the hydraulic cylinders turning the wheels. Stops it from back feeding the wrong way( path of least resistance is usually taken). On this case IH factory install I am guessing there must be some magic like that happening inside this golden block to stop that from happening.

I will have to look through the euro manuals and compare the hydraulic steering system operating pressures and flow to the north american ones and see if there is a difference.

The “golden” block might have max flow 60L/min but the Eaton spool valve on it has rated flow 19L/min, witch is enough for steering.

Fair enough eh. Any idea why the LS line would get a tee and hooked up to the filter housing?

My tractor is a tier 3 but I was told on the tier 4 tractors that they were having trouble with not enough flow and had to upgrade the valves to a highflow system…but your right it doesn’t mean much if the spool valve is going to restrict it any how haha

Can’t say about the LS connection. Would be interesting to see the hydraulic schematics.

This is what I read about the steering system on the magnums.

Steering has first priority, once steering is satisfied oil passes to the remotes, hitch, trailer brake and top / lift link valve and the regulated pressure spool.

The steering priority is controlled by the inlet oil from the PFV/CCLS pump supplying oil to the steering port. Once steering is satisfied oil will pass through an orifice and move the spool against a 150 lb. spring opening a port allowing oil to pass to PFC/CCLS and regulated circuits.

In a balanced condition (tractor not being worked) some of the oil entering the valve will bleed back to the tank through the 1 mm orifice and the steering signal line to the steering hand pump. At the same time some oil will pass through the .89 mm orifice and open the signal check and go to the PFC/CCLS compensator. With low pressure stand by (L.P.S.B.) set to 350 - 400 psi this oil will add signal pressure to the compensator L.P.S.B. spool causing pump outlet pressure to increase. Therefore, inlet to the valve and supply to steering is approximately 700 to 725 psi. This balance is a result of the .89mm and leakage through the steering hand pump via the 1 mm orifice. This increase in pressure to the steering priority circuit provides for quick steering response.

When wheels are turned hard to the right or left stops max psi in the steering system should be 2755 psi.

I found a schematic of the stock steering system, but I have yet to find one with the autosteer system installed.

Good hyd schematic would help a lot! (even if you explain verbally in detail!)

Eaton Vickers proportional valve was cle

Sorry! Eaton Vickers proportional valve was clear to identify… Functions inside “golden manifold” not!
Looks to be same as Trimble… But could never find out hyd scheme!
Heard it could be counterbalance valves?

Seen quite alot of mension here regarding T’ing the steering hoses causing the steering wheel to turn rather than the wheels?

How are other people doing this? Sure I have seen some other people just T the lines without problem?

Surely if that was the case, the terrain pushing on the front wheels would cause the steering to fight you like in a car? But cant say I have ever seen that in our tractors…?

Reaction and non reaction steering are both existing. Reaction type would have a kind of feedback effect in steering wheel (dont think a the point to hurt driver!). See drawing showing difference (case of Open center unit.
If we want to have a global view, must consider:

  • Open / close center hydraulic system
  • Load Sensing (dynamic or static)
  • Reaction or not reaction

Steering Open Center Reaction & Non reaction

Orbitrol without LS (load sensing) working with separate pump ,oil tank ,filter etc. , no priority valve.

max pressure 60-80bar.

page 14


I finally have my system up and running. Just need to fine tune the gain settings. I ended up using the american version of the orbital pump and it works just fine meaning I saved $650 by doing that. The only difference between the euro and USA orbital was 3 cc s of flow rate which is basically nothing.

things I needed:
hoses, fittings and bolts
Pressure transducer and plug
$1200 Valve block (refurbished) normally $1500
Original orbital = 444 cc - valve block can not bolt to it due to the LS line being on the side of the orbital
$850 CAD GPS USA version orbital = 393 cc - Block bolts to a flat surface that has 5 ports
$1500 CAD GPS Euro version orbital = 390 cc - Block bolts to a flat surface that has 5 ports

The LS line also got a tee installed and had a line go over to the filter housing where I had to take out a plug and install an orifice which the line from the LS tee hooked onto.

What autosteer gain and PWM settings are other people using for there hydraulic solenoid setups?

Link on first post are normal valve not proportional.

Why do you say that?