A little help please

when driving down the line the steer settings page shows the pwm output jumping around from 25 to 80 ish. Knowing that what would be a good min and max? If my max is less then 150 it doesn’t steer fast enough when away from the line.

Based on on your previous settings, sounds like it’s jumping between your Min (25) and a low amount of error (if P=80, 1 degree error).

(The following is how I tuned v4, not familiar with v5 yet)
I try to set the counts per degree to match real life as best as possible. Then I try to set my Min so that the wheels barely turn slowly and set Max higher and higher until it doesn’t react any faster, set lowMax about the same as Max. Then set P so that the wheels don’t oscillate but also react fast enough. These settings only affect the Arduino’s job of trying to make the wheel angle match AoG commanded angle. You can tune these settings all without driving, just using the Steer Settings → Drive.

To tune AoG’s calculation of commanded wheel angle, use the Stanlee or PP settings.

If later on you feel that the Arduino is to aggressive with turning the wheels while on line then reduce lowMax. IIRC it only comes into play when you’re within 2 or 3 degrees of desired heading.

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What is IIRC?

If I Recall Correctly

When setting your min what would your proportional gain be at?

Set P to zero, turn you wheels straight (so that WAS says 0), tap Drive in Steer Settings, set target angle of 5, then start increasing Min until your wheels slowly turn (your output should be exactly what Min is set to). Check your Min in both directions, they’re not always the same.

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I had to set the P to 2 other wise it has no pwm output. The wheels start turning once i get the min into the 70s the low seemed nice at 90 and the max was good around 195 with a gain at 155 to make the actual become the set value of steer degree. I had the gain way to low before and that’s why it would never get bang on the degree I wanted.

Is there any lash at all in your WAS setup? If you change steering direction does the WAS output change IMMEDIATELY? That can cause all sorts of steer hunting issues.

I have the max pwm small enough to keep it from being a complete savage. The WAS is the factory one and I just wired into it. If it dont have the gain high enough then it doesn’t control the solenoids accurately enough to get onto the degree it wants.

I’ve recently seen a Topcon x35 system all over the place, weaving badly due to a fendt factory WAS with play in it. Worth actually checking it’s output surely?

It certainly doesn’t have a linear output but with the Ackermann fix it seems to help that. I also wondered if it had play in it. The factory system probably was only meant to drive straight and not do U turns.

Does v5 still have the steer chart? If you watch the WAS actual line on the chart you’ll quickly see if there’s any backlash or dead zone as you change steering direction manually.

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Yes. Amongst the options in here.


Can someone share a link for a good motor, been looking for one, searching the forum but im still not sure.

On other news if someone is interested the project is going fantastic, i have the esp32 ready, flashed the xbee firmware on it, the WAS( Delphi ER10031 ) is on its way, and so are the MMA8452Q and the Cytron MD13S. The Ardusimple antennas have entered my country but they are at customs, im really excited and cant wait for everything to arrive. The only thing left to order is the motor and i want a good one.

Something like this will work very well