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Hello everyone, me and my dad decided to try AgOpenGps, i almost assembled the PCB, still waiting on some parts. But i am confused about the antennas. I want to make my own RTK Base station and cast it through rtk2go.com over NTRIP. My question is: do i need two ardusimple boards, one on the tractor and another one for my base station.

Yes thats right. You need 2 ardusimple boards like these. https://www.ardusimple.com/product/simplertk2b-basic-starter-kit-ip65/
An easy way to cast it to rtk2go.com is to buy wifi ntrip master like this https://www.ardusimple.com/product/wifi-ntrip-master/ or esp32 and wire it yourself , but you have to have internet via wifi then

Does the esp32 need to be programed. I saw someone add a ethernet adapter to an esp32 which is definitly more reliable than wifi. One more question, the rtk2go.com is just a server to send information over the internet right. Thank you for replying so fast.

This is a thread from a year or so ago about using an esp32 as an ntrip caster. Might be some useful information for you.

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You can also build a base with a raspberry pi


yes the esp32 needs to be programmed. Some instuctions here. Firmware Update · nebkat/esp32-xbee Wiki · GitHub
I have had no issues with esp32 over wifi and rtk2go.

The beauty of using the esp is you haven’t got another Full operating system with all it’s startup and power cycle issues to contend with. Turn it off at any point and it just starts up again as soon as it is powered up. It just does what you tell it and doesn’t try to do anything else.

I’d rtk2go down time is a worry just use the esp as a caster itself. Works fine.

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Thank you all for your help. I will order the parts as soon as possible

Which antenna is better:

My furthers field is about 15 km away from my farm. So which antenna do you guys recommend.

the v3 board costs more and doesn’t come with antenna. Advantage is high power xbee socket for xlr lora radio. If you are using ntrip you shouldn’t need that. I have only bought the cheaper ones.

Does it matter how far is the rover from the base station if im using NTRIP.

I’ve read getting over 30 kms away from the base station will cause the accuracy to degrade.

Thank you, just ordered two boards, i will ask for help if there are any hiccups

the precision decreases with the distance approximately 1 cm for 10 km so 5 cm at 50 km

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Just giving my 2 cents. I run my base station with the WiFi Ntrip master and it works brilliantly. Lovely compact setup that fits in a tiny 3d printed box.

I need a little help now haha. I have spent the afternoon driving in circles in a field trying to get version 5 dialed in. I am sure the neighbors think I’m drunk ha. I can get the degrees to match up left and right and my zero point seems to keep a pretty solid degree on my imu heading but when I try to follow an AB line it wants to ever so slightly oscillate, it gets worse with speed. I understand every install is a little different but what would be some average numbers to use in the way of proportional gain, min, and max along with numbers in Stanley or pure pursuit with a hydraulic valve block for steering?

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Would you describe your steer as savage or lazy?

If I am away from the line its pretty savage but when I get onto the line its not bad. I had my max at 200 and the min at 25 and the low at 30. I have no idea if that’s good or bad. The proportional was anywhere from 40 which was to lazy to 100 which was savage as heck. when I watch my set and actual degree it seems to be off by a degree sometimes so then ill do more circles trying to get the counts per degree dialed in more and it doesn’t seem to help. I am wondering if the factory wheel angle sensor is messing me up. It might not be linear enough. Even on the older version ive always had a slight oscillation back and forth and I have yet to figure out why.

What PWM frequency is best for a Eaton Vickers proportional hydraulic valve?

If it’s lazy when on the line, try increasing lowMax. If it’s too savage when far off the line, decrease max. Does the Steer Settings page show PWM output value when driving on an AB line? You might be able to see there what is trying to do.