A rookies road to auto steer on a JD 7510

Exact same feeling using AgOpenGps for the first time. Great install, Great video.


Thank you and thanks for keeping the V2 boards alive and relevant! I have really enjoyed your YouTube videos and can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on in the Ace branch, exciting stuff!

Here is the latest update!


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thanks to share this!

I wish there were more than one like button. Congratulations, it’s great.

Thank you,

But also thank Brian too, he gutted USB out of the “Ace” branch and added a bonus, 100hz imu.

Have you ever had a flat steer chart before?


I’ve finally gotten to run AOG over some more acres and it continues to impress. I had to do some tweaking to get it working well on the corn planter because for some reason my guess rows were off a bit. I just set an offset of a few inches and that took care of things but I suspect my WAS needs adjusting since it’s the only thing I had fiddled with since the last time I used it.

This was my first time trying anything other than an AB line. I expected to have to do some adjusting but the AB curve worked really well without adjustment. Excited to spend some more time with the program and figure out how to do headlands and more.

I’m sure I’ll make more adjustments as I learn more but for now I am really pleased. I am excited to add panda over Udp and upgrade versions later this year but for now it was working too good to mess with.


Just saw your picture of your motor mounting on your MF tractor and am hoping you have a picture facing towards the rear of the cab showing the spring attachment. I’m assuming it is an over center mechanism, but since I am engineering challenged I can’t figure it out from this view. I am installing in a John Deere 5101EN in the same location. Thanks again!

no, its just 2 plates on a hinge and sprung loaded together.
i use the steering column an d lift it right up into the motor drive wheel to engage the motor