AB line auto-activation feature

This feature enables the tractor to automatically engage and start following the predetermined AB line as it approaches it, streamlining the navigation process and reducing the need for manual intervention. It enhances efficiency and precision in agricultural operations by seamlessly transitioning the tractor onto the designated path without requiring the operator’s immediate input.

I had this on an old Outback System.

An interesting feature, haven’t seen it on any device familiar to me. How does it work in detail like if you drive an AB-line and turn the steering wheel a bit to disengage autosteer, does Outback then pick up the same line in the same direction or does it wait for some 180 degree turn before picking up the closest AB-line? How about a scenario when you drive every second or third line?

Do you see an issue using auto-turn, no need to activate auto-steer there either and as a bonus no need to drive manually at the headland.

The way it works, is as you turn around at the end of the field, when you line up with next line it activates. When you get to the other end, you just start turning and it kicks off (did fight you a bit). I don’t think if you use auto turn, you would need this feature.

It is hard to explain how magical it was, just roughly line up and you were turned and perfect every time. It was hydraulic steering, so when it started kicking in, you really couldn’t tell.

Maybe some liability worry killed it. Is a 10 plus year old system.

Must we use Artificial Intelligence to learn from drivers behaviour?

I don’t think you can do that with a soldering iron.

The one Outback system I used in a four wheel drive tractor while seeding limited the hyd valve so much that you could easily override it manually. We left autosteer engaged and just manually turned around and lined up the next pass. It tried it’s best to fight us until it jumped to the next line. AOG used to do that but there were farmers with narrow implements that had problems with it jumping to the wrong guidance line so I believe AOG now locks onto the guidance line. With a field boundary you can use U-turn to automate that all now but you do need a steering control system with enough authority to steer fast enough.

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