Ab line last path correction

is there a way in the software to have an offset guidance line from last path without needing to create an ab line every swatch.

Ie i get into the field and establish an ab line, but when i get on the next offset line from the ab, i don’t follow it exactly straight, is there a setting where the next line would adapt to the one that wasn’t perfectly straight, so i don’t miss portions?

The reason i’m asking/application i would like to use a feature like this is for post spraying beans. i didn’t have the gps built when i was planting, and i’m currently spraying my soybeans while trying to keep the wheels in the rows. I made an ab line, and am trying to follow it with the light bar to the best i can without trampling too many beans, but i was hoping that there was a mode to adapt the next line to the previous path followed without needing to create a new ab line every time i make a turn.

Any advise would be great. Hopefully next year i won’t have to worry about this, since i’ll have the gps to plant with.

I think contour mode is what you want

You cou try the line adjustment. Set it as example at 5 cm jumps ( I think standard is at 20 cm. But you have to do it manually along the ab line.

Could you recenter the ab line at the end of the run, then you will know where you need to be for the next pass?

When the field is open and you have at least one AB line there is two AB editing buttons along the bottom of the screen. The one without the letters snaps the line to your current spot till the field is closed. The one with AB on it opens a dialog that has more options and you can save the new line permanently.

I built a hack a few years ago. It kept up with the max right and max left error. At the end of the field you just simply stopped and pressed a right or let button and it jumped to the max error. But it moved the whole line because we were spraying a hay field the whole line shift would work. However, we were not running rtk corrections at the time so the shift was not helpful for us at the time. It was just easier to run a smaller tool and it would overlap anyway.