AB line problem

Today I tried to seed again with agopen. Finally had my Brick working right and heading of GPS and Brick were close so I think it works ok.

The problem is I couldnt get my AB line right.
Is it right that making and following ab lines is possible without making boundaries, because I didn’t. I just opened a new field without making boundaries, just started with AB line.

On the beginning of the first pass I touch A, on the other side of the (straight) field I Touch B. Then save the line and tried to do the next pass with autosteer.
But the problem is when I drive back to the A side, point A shifted 80cm. RTK correction worked all that time. Tried to make several new AB lines but problem stays the same. What am I missing?

Do you have an antenna offset?

No, no antenna offset and also tool offset 0 and 0 overlap. Realy strange, because in first tests AB line was ok . Nothing in software nor hardware changed in between…

Try again without roll and heading, to eliminate influence from any of them.

I did but there is no difference. When I made point B and turn around, the next pass is very accurate next to the preveous. But the closer I reach point A the bigger the overlap becomes. When I reach the A side overlap is 80cm. half way the overlap is 40cm so seems to be linear. It realy looks like point A is shifting when setting point B.

I wil try to reset Agopen on tablet and test again today.

Do you have several AB lines on that field?
I think AOG take the first made AB line when field is reopened.
So delete all AB lines on that field, and then make a new, save it.
Now choose that one and go, if you remember name (time it is made) you can find it again later.(If you make more lines again on that field)
I don’t have heading so I must drive both when making A and B, else the point is set wrong.

I thought about heading too but when creating A, drive a couple of hundreds of meters and then create point B AGopen does not do anything with the heading values of the specific A and B point right? It only displays the heading for the whole AB line in degrees but the A and B points are “spots”

Today I had no problems with AB lines! I made a boundary and AB line from one side of that boundary. After that I drove 40 lines next to eachother seeding.
I worked with a new tablet because the first one broke. Not sure of the AB line problem was caused by lack of speed or malfunction of that tablet, anyway with the new one it’s working right.
It took some time to get the steering well, starting with the initial settings from Brian’s videos, but results are pretty good. No problem with shifting lines anymore. Now the struggle for smooth steering / best accuracy can begin :wink:

I had a similar problem on one tablet. The frame network update fixed the problem.

I have the same problem with DELL 5130. Could you please explain how to fix it?

Hello how i need to modify Antenna offset, when i drive on a ab line and the tractor is too far away when the applied area is on the left side of the tractor. When applied area is on the right side i have an overlap. Should it be modified to minus or plus cm?


Yeah i know, but for me its Not 100 procent clear. When i shift it to left side so minus. Than the GPS Signal will be tranfered to the right side to the middle?

So it means there is a Bug on software ? ( sorry alway try to do on midle to avoid to change this !)

I am Sure Not, so many people working with it. I just want to know how i find out if my Antenna is offset and on which side

it is a black and white answer !!
in previous version a friend told me this starnd thing

but we can defined as position of antenna versus middle of the tractor *
or the position of the midle of the tractor versus the position of antenna…

and it is oposite value …

’ * this my point of view
lets get other comment about this

Positive is antenna is on right side of tractor is how i read it.

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Ok but how to find out? On which side? And how far offset

Antenna center of tractor zero. Measure from center right is positive that value.

For your situation number would be half the overlap distance.