AB line tracking and hooking

Hello, I persist in testing AOG with a johndeere 6155R and hydraulic pre-equipment, but difficult to keep the error zero, it goes from 0 to 11 cm all the time! . the best is the “pure” hood or cabid antenna mode, it’s the same. Can the imu influence I tried with cmps14 and nothing … it’s the same. Thank you for your help

Antenna is ok on the cabin or hood. You need stable heading that is fast to react when tractor heading changes and that is why you need the cmps14 or BNO08x. Without cmps14 it will slowly wobble side to side.

You could show your hydraulic settings maybe just post the tractor profile, and share a short video with the steer chart open then we can see what your hydraulic settings are like.

Hi , thank you for your help . No cmps14 because no disponible today , but my question is : possible to obtain xte 0 with AOG easily ? At this time for your help , making video for explain … thanks

With CMPS14 or BNO08x and single antenna +/- 2cm is easily done if you have good hydraulics or motor settings.

Without cmps14 or BNO08x it is not possible with single antenna

Hi , good information ! . other important question : We say that the cmps14 must be moved away from the interior of the cabin … How do you know if it is disturbed or disturbed? I placed it in the box of the autosteer pcb against the front window of the cabin.

Only reason is the magnetometer, BNO08x it is turned off so in the autosteer box is ok. But the CMPS14 the magnetometer is on and inside the box is not a good idea.

So to test, without moving the tractor use the steering test buttons to operate the hydraulic steering left / right. The tractor picture or the heading on the tablet should not move

Hi, here my video in jd 6155r
No imu

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In the video the angle steering looks not symetric and ackerman value seems not ajusted ?

is the wheel with no symetric angle ?

what is the value with recorded function clockwise and anticlockwise?

80.45 in WAS zero it’s wrong or it’s a bad WAS install.

Drive straigth and set WAS zero, if value it’s so high the WAS installation is wrong

Hello, ackerman I did not know what it was! Now I know, and I corrected, but it’s not better … then indeed the was is weird, but I use the original John deere angle sensor, I will try with a delphy … . later and cmps14

You need the cmps14 installed.

Next time you test move the steering settings off the GPS heading number so we can see it. Also click the spanner/scewdriver button and open the steer chart put that on the other side of the screen so we can see the steering hydraulic performance.

Hi , here other video : with cmps14 in box autosteer , optimise was and ackerman … ans see the steer chart .

and in the end video the tractor forward and AOG reverse !!! why : i dont no !

The tractor has been upgraded :joy:.

Before I comment on what’s wrong we need to know:

What valve are you using? Have you got a normal PWM valve installed?

What wheel angle sensor are you using and where is the signal coming from?

If you touch the tractor on the tablet the direction will swap back to forward.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: yes , all change and same tractor !!! BUT !!! Same problems !!!
valve is fluid system : classic !
angle sensor is classic delphy !
signal is on classic AOG PCB …
ans OK , undustand touch screen for forward tractor , but already touch … Grrrrr!

The first thing on the steer chart the red line (Wheel Angle) should follow the green line (Set Point) so I would say your min PWM is way too low

Ha ! OK !!!

My starting points at a guess would roughly be:
P gain = 20
Max = 255
Low = 90
Min = 70

test in 5 minuts !!! test in the night :joy:

return to tests ! better better ! very good . better in pure mode and good in stanley if slow speed . but very good in forward and same in reverse ! . THANK YOU COMMONRAIL !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: other test in day and real working !!!

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Hi one little problem, I want change size and color of AB line :possible? It’s very difficult to see… Thanks