About DGPS

Hello, I’m about to finish my setup, everything works, the WAS, the IMU and the PCB V2.
First of all, to be clear, i use a CMPS14 as imu, and a landrover suspension sensor as my WAS.
I want to know what precision would this give me without RTK, but with DGPS, or RTK FLOAT at most, and with 10Hz refresh rate, because the closest base station from me is about 84 km away, so yes, preety far away.
Hope to get it under 15 cm.

i dont think you will get close to that i was having problems with my base the other week and it as way out
and i wasnt iven 1 mile away from the base and on a open field
cant you put up a base ?
closere ?

i don’t want to have one, because is one more thing that i need to take care of
worst case scenario, i will buy a susbscription to my local service of rtk, wich costs 20$ a month.
it’s much simpler, in my opinion.
I thought that the precision may depend of the region that you live too, cuz i live on a very flat area with no hills or mountains, but i don’t know if its right or not.

Never heard anyone offering RTK corrections at $20 a month. Many are free but some commercial RTK providers here ask for 1200 Euros a year! Seems of the order of £500 in the UK.

$20 a month sounds very reasonable if the base is relatively close and you prefer to avoid looking after the base. Still if you have to pay for the whole year, a private base would become cheaper after a year for a single tractor. I assume the $20 is per rover as usual?

No, you have not to pay a year subscription, you can pay it monthly.
If you choose to pay it the whole year, it’s 200$