About heading

I am currently working on equipping my sprayer, which usually drives between 12 and 20 km/h with autosteer. I wonder what can bring the use of the heading (bn0)? knowing that my autosteer works very well on a tractor generally driving at 10km/h without Heading.

Speed is of great benefit when talking GPS. The heading directly from the nmea is actually quite good the faster you go. The BNO will help with the heading, but you will have to see what happens at higher speeds. Not much of an answer, but i think it will still help

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Does anybody use the ZED F9P and the ZED-F9H in a dual antenna setup for heading. I am not sure if I understand everything correctly but with two antennas the tractor would always know how it sits in the field and the use of the BNO055 Compass would not be needed anymore and shouldn’t it be more accurate too? It’s more money for sure but not that much that it can’t be done. And my Trimble RTK system starts steering if left engaged while the tractor stops and I go out to adjust the equipment and then when I start it always makes a jerk first till its stable on the A-B line again. Don’t like that too much and would justify the additional cost for me.

The other question would be is AOG ready to read those inputs from F9H?

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On paper it looks like the most ideal setup. No more heading/roll sensors only two GPS receivers for this information. The ZED-F9H outputs only heading information, so you need a device to combine the F9H info with the GPS information and send this like one stream to AOG. The users Clive and Aortner on this forum are very busy with this, looking forward to try something. :slight_smile: