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Uploading: E073D4DA-0074-46BA-A798-4B929155A38F.jpeg… Hello, when you change something during working on the HEADING ROLL screen (imu settings) you get a movement of the workarea.
Have a look at the photo. I changed Roll source from gps to from autosteer and back.

I downloaded AOG a few days ago and messing around with it, if I click on new field and then new boundary and then Google Earth my computer locks up and I get this error

Hello, I have a software development suggestion. Is it possible to add a function that we can automatically create the optimum route plan after defining the working and equipment information, together with the writing of the boundaries of the field we plan to work on? A feature that can automatically calculate the lowest cost, minimum total amount of work from the first starting point to the last departure point where the field plowing is finished! What do you think?