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I have a few setup questions, I have downloaded and installed v 3.09, I have looked in the folders at build lists etc. I would like to do an autosteer setup to hydraulic steer valve with a relay setup as well. My questions

  1. Do I order a PCB and that includes the Arduino and peripherals or is it just the board that all the stuff attaches to via solder etc.
  2. Do I need a box with the main Arduino or PCB in it, then another box for relays, another for tilt and roll and another for gps or are some of these combined in boxes.
  3. Is it a different setup for hydraulic steer valves than a steer motor or just a different controller on main setup and some different code?
  4. If I am to use rtk with a ntrip setup, I assume I get the rtcm data into the computer via my WiFi or cell connection, then computer is sends data to gps, then gps rtk corrected signal goes to main Board?
  5. My thought is that first I build all the appropriate boards box combos, then I load the software onto them, is this correct?
    Sorry for all the questions but just trying to wrap my head around setup.

Is version 4 going to change any of the boards and setup or is that a completely seperate thing?

Thanks all for the discussion.

I have the autosteer PCB functioning and am working with the GPS.

I have a U-blox F9P connected via USB to my PC. AOG says my GPS port is connected. I have my Baud rate set at 38400. The NEMA string says “Initial Setting”. Data Source is Fix From GGA (NMEA Hz is set at 2). Do I have to set up the receiver in another program. The receiver worked with AOG version 3. Any guidance would be helpful.