About the PCB category

Seeing as PCB is a top searched term on this site it must be time for a dedicated category. Whether building a Printed Circuit Board for the first time or if you have questions and suggestions to improve here is a place to share what you’ve learned or built.

For those who have already ordered PCB can you give us your good and bad addresses
Thank you!

I ordered one of the PCB’s that was created about a year ago. I was never able to get it working. Would anyone have any interest in helping me find out what I did that caused it to not work? I would ship it to you if interested.

My first try at this turned out well. I am now looking to build another with some changes and would like to put the v2 board and dual F9P ESP board and the 12 to 24 V all in one box. I really would like to use a slotted box but am having a hard time finding one that will fit the boards and give me space to put the doubler in . Can you buy the PCB board material that I can cut to size that will fit the box I want and then I will use standoffs to attache the actual boards. or can I change the size of the boards, to fit the box that I order, without messing anything up when I order more v2 and dual f9p boards? Which is the better way to go?