About WAS

When I measure my WAS sensor with iphone compass it shows these values, my value in ino is 3193, my sensor is min. 0.8v .-- max 4.2v. gives value, what should be my value in ino? And sometimes my sensor won’t reset I guess I’ll have to replace it :frowning:

sensor … aog
0deg 0deg
5deg 5deg
10 12
15 18
20 24
25 29
30 34
35 38


If your sensor output 2.5v when driving strait you leave it as is. You only have to modify it when you cannot reach 0deg with the “wheel angle zero sensor” slider in AOG while driving strait.

From the video it seem that your sensor have a 2 degree backlash, it’s not a good thing! :grimacing:

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Hello, a new question, I am creating a system like in the photo, but when I create this system, the Ackerman value will be 100 again, will there be anything I need to change in the ino code or AOG? Thanks.