What sort of accurcy would u get from agopengps and arduino simple receiver for light bar only without rtk would it be similar to a commercial light bar such as onTrak or ez250

Light bars are ok

I would not shell out the money for a trimble just to use a light bar.

Accuracy is mostly dependant on your attention span, and wheel work with a light bar. Will it be straighter than guessing yes, but you really cannot put it into an actual figure. Results may vary greatly on driver.

Download AOG, run it on a tablet or laptop with a nice bright screen, connect your GPS and you have a working light bar.

Repeatable accuracy is auto steers territory.

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You can also use a relatively low-cost WAAS-only GPS receiver as well, and get a pass to pass accuracy of maybe a few feet, which is probably more than enough for a light bar. There are several USB GPS receivers on Amazon that would probably work.

AOG with such equipment would be every bit as accurate as the EZ-guide 250.

Thanks I agree autosteer is the way to go which I hope to get to eventually at least this is a start

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