Aceinna OpenRTK330

I was wondering if anyone ever tried to use an Aceinna OpenRTK330 receiver?

Seems to be reasonably priced and has all the GNSS/IMU-Fusion and tilt correction built in.

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It’s really good, it’s an all in one, I didn’t really find videos of samples in real life, to see those 100Hz working, maybe we should contact them and see if they can help us to do tests.
Even so you have to adapt it to AOG.

I don’t know if there is a way to buy just the board, for 250/300, that would be a good option.

Where did you find a board at 250/300? Which currency is that?

Not sure about AOG but wouldn’t this product work if AOG was configured for no gyro/tilt sensor?

It would be attractive if instead of the kit that has antenna, cables, programmer, etc., they would sell only the board for 250/300.
The kit is worth 550 but it is not just the electronic board.