Acres (Imperial Units) seem high

I made the switch to V4.3.10 for Harvest. In the combine, I built new field boundaries and tracked area covered. vs. v3, all of my fields to date have grown ~10% when I create the boundaries. The acres I was getting on version 3.x match up with my historic field measurement and sizing, so the v4.3.10 is the oddball. Anyone else notice this, especially if you’re running Imperial units? Is there something I’m doing wrong or an error in the newer versions?

Playing with this some more, I imported the KML to google earth. The field is in the wrong spot. It’s approx 1/2 mile west and a few hundres yard north of the actual location. I’m running RTK (F9P). how do I figure out what’s going on here?

I had the same issue on saturday. Field was even bigger : 149 ha instead of 12ha , and all distances were about 3x bigger. I’m running metric units

I don’t know if this is related, but one day I made a boundary by only driving the 3 sides and then finish side 4 by clicking OK. U-turn did not work at that end because it was very far away. Next week I did same field but made boundaries by driving all the way around, this time end of field was at right place and U-turn worked at both ends of field.

I also made a poly boundary in Google earth, it measured 20.3 acres according to google. When imported into AgOpen, the reported size was 23.6.

It is important to be in the field when you import it into AgOpen. (In real life or in the simulator.)
Hope this helps you!

More precisely, it’s important to be near the field when creating the field.(In real or simulator)

@87yj you can go in the AOG field folder an check the Boundary.txt. The first two number of each line are distance in meter from origin of field, they should not be to high.(Maybe not more than a few hundred or a few thousand)

It is also important to restart field completely from scratch when moving from v3 to v4

If all this is OK, then there could be a problem with AOG.

Edit: I just saw your other post about migrating from v3 to v4. The best way is probably to backup all the AgOpenGPS file in Documents and then completely uninstall the old version before install the new one.

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Noticed each time I would load the field again this fall the covered acres increased as well.

@BrianTee_Admin - Have you noticed this issue with the acreage being off high in the 4.3.10 version? Looks like there’s something going on with the offset and locations since the mapping location was off too. Not sure if it’s a general issue or if its specific to imperial units only.

It calculates it all in meters, then converts to acres at the very end. I did about 3000 acres this spring in the seeder and it seemed accurate. Also if you make a field in Google earth with the sim, it comes out really close to what it should be.

How much is it out?