Actual Accuracy of Standalone ZED-F9P Module?

I’ve had the Garmin Glo 2 with the free android ap. I’m ready to upgrade to something better.

I’m looking to purchase the ZED-F9P module with antenna. Is anyone running it by itself? What kind of accuracy are you seeing?

I would just be using it for spreading & spraying, so I don’t need superb accuracy, but I do need consistency. Also wondering how long I can get by without a base station (either personal or gov’t) to pull in a signal from.

I cannot comment on the F9P standalone accuracy, always used RTK but could you clarify what you mean with consistency? Are you after decent absolute accuracy (field borders do not move, AB-lines do not need nudging when entering the field)? Also what do you actually mean with “how long I can get by without a base”?

Garmin Glo 2 seems to be GPS + Glonass capable and supports SBAS, I assume single frequency only (did not find L2 mentioned on any specs). It should give best accuracy with SBAS (EGNOS or WAAS etc.) where Glonass is of no use.

F9P supports L1 and L2 on four satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou). Forum members here say it gives at least the same standalone performance as any SBAS capable receiver or better (F9P is also SBAS capable but the correction signal is limited to GPS and the F9P performance on SBAS is more or less like with other SBAS capable receivers).

We used to run our Amazone sprayer with some Hemisphere EGNOS capable GPS receiver and it was quite OK for 2m sections. However the screen always expected a calibration point before entering the field, this is the nudge against absolute error. Relative accuracy from there on is reasonable for some time (small fields).

I would assume F9P providing some improvement over Garmin Glo but since it supports RTK and it is so easy to reach RTK, I cannot see why you would use it in standalone mode. The correction signal being probably the only issue if there is no free signal. Building a private base is not expensive and not too complicated but obviously adds effort and cost.