Adapt old Outback guidance to AOG?

Our ‘08ish TS135A has an old school Outback guidance system (pre-display, just a bunch of little lights but it does auto steer). Just curious if anyone has tried adapting Outback wiring to AOG?

I know literally nothing about the old system as thats before my time. However it drives the steering there is nothing obvious in sight in the cab (no motors, steering wheel adaptors etc), just a brain box and the lightbar unit.

Pictures of Outback in next post.

Any advice where to start? I have an AIO micro already.

It appears that the eDrive cable goes down to the two plugs on that valve body (which is under the right side door) but I won’t be sure of that until I can get the tractor into the shop and pull panels apart (not a good time of year for that).

I’m not also not sure if that valve body is OEM or was added as part of the Outback install.

The ACC cable appears to run up behind the dash, so I’m thinking just a source for ignition power.

PWR In probably goes to battery.

But here is where it gets interesting:

CAN I would assume is Canbus? I’m still working through the Canbus thread, but if that’s correct I assume it would be receiving the signals from steering wheel, and then outputting signals via eDrive to that hydraulic block and then steering the tractor? Could it be as simple and adapting those two plugs?

In my opinion the easiest option is to remove the ouback box and replace it with your AIO micro because the can bus was only used for display/lightbar. I found some kind of manual about the outback guidance
875-0171 Rev. C1 (MNL,USER.GUIDE,OBK-eDrive) ok.pdf (9.0 MB)

Outback can have bang-bang valves or proportional valves. Yours is likely a bang-bang valve as it is older and appears to have a flow control knob on the block.

Your next step for this tractor should be to determine with certainty whether your valve is bang-bang or proportional.

You can search the forum for “bang-bang” and decide how to proceed. All the firmwares for all the boards are really meant for proportional valves, but some have made bang-bang valves work.

Ok, I did find the part number online and the only description is “Open center, standard/low flow” If I’m understanding it correctly open/closed center both apply to bang-bang only?

Ah well it was a good idea while it lasted

You should be able to control it with some changes to the teensy.
Instead of pwm you want to open the valve a couple Ms based on the angle it needs to move
Probably a lot of trial and error but outback can steer with it too

Those older bang bang Outbacks restrict the flow enough that it’s mostly good for holding the line so that should help with tuning for the bang bang valve.