Adapting a JD Greenstar ready tractor for AOG

@MarkusT can you provide any pictures? What resistor did you use?

probably an 10k from signal to ground would do the trick. You can’t short it directly to ground because the computer expects at least some resistance even at the extremes, as that’s how it detects shorts and open circuits.

Thanks for that @MarkusT . I updated your schematic for the encoder terminators

No more annoying alarms!
Have you got the OEM encoder working for you? I have not been able to figure it out yet


Yes, but I don’t use the remote contact from PCB 2. I changed the sketch to pin D2. Now it works. But “Steer Enable” must be “Button” and not “Switch”.

If you are running AOG V4.3 can you share your .ino?

I also find the “button” “switch” confusing.

I find button is NO, normally open
and switch is NC, normally closed using the ino without alteration. Both being momentary and not maintained.

Button sounds like it could be either normally open or closed but momentary and not maintained.

Switch sounds like it could be either normally open or closed and maintained.

The terminology button, switch is not the best I agree.

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I have a 9220 which im trying to troubleshoot. Before I had fitted the encoder terminator I would get a steering input ssu error and it would limit to a maximum of 13th gear and no diff lock. Now I have fitted the encoder terminator I have no warning lights but after a couple of hours it derated the transmission again. Any ideas weather this is a jd vs aog steering problem or is my powershift starting to go?

Have you tried to make a Y - connection to let the encoder connected?

So it did store a code. I cleared the tranny one and its been fine allday. I’m thinking I might check the voltage at the terminator on the factory was harnes. Tractor might think it’s turning hard and won’t engage diff lock.