Add Panda to existing Kaupoi board or build new V4 AIO?

As the title reads, am I better off building a new V4 standard board, or just adding Panda to my existing setup?
I have currently got the Kaupoi mod board running autosteer on my steer-ready New Holland T7.200, but I would like to add Panda/Teensy for the increased processing capability.
If anyone in NZ has a Panda board spare I would be quite interested in purchasing one!

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If I were you I would add a panda. We have autosteer v2/panda and very happy with it. If I were doing it again, I would do the same again, because if a component burns out, I can replace it, where if i burn a surface mount component, its all over.

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Good point, I hadn’t considered the potential risk associated with everything all on one board. Easy to swap out one piece of the puzzle vs. the whole thing!

Is there any advantage to the V4 AIO over V2/Panda, or is it more quality of life improvements?

I don’t know that, Ive only used v2/panda
obviously the AIO is easier starting out
AIO has the ampseal connecter which will be easier than mounting your own connector to a box like I did

It is a never-ending discussion, some prefer AIO, a single box, everything in the same place, others a modular construction, where you add what you need.

I personally prefer the modular, and I am using a Kaupoi 3.2 + PANDA (all for UDP), I have always thought that if I have to update to another antenna or better IMU, I will not have to rebuilt the entire system.

On the other hand, with an AIO it is easier to move the system from one place to another.

At the end it is your decision

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